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Welcome to SAATVIC ORGANIC FOODS LLP, where we immerse ourselves in the world of spices, crafting exquisite flavors sourced from spice origins. Established in 2021 in Palakkad, Kerala, our exceptional food offerings and impeccable delivery have earned us recognition. Our production facility in the Tropical Evergreen Western Ghats region, an independant centre of origin of spices, enable us to access traditional knowledge from indigenous communities,  that combat obesity, enhance immunity, and promote well-being. As a member of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), we are committed to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in spice processing. With a focus on preserving natural qualities and offering versatile spice extracts, we cater to diverse needs.

Infrastructure and lab facility

Saatvic Foods prides itself on its advanced infrastructure designed for spice extract and oil production. Our extraction unit employs advanced technology to efficiently extract spices, while our specialized distillation unit produces top qualityspice oils. Our comprehensive laboratory, staffed by experts, conducts organoleptic, chemical, physical, and microbiological tests to uphold the highest quality standards.

Quality, hygiene, and food safety are paramount at Saatvic Foods. We’ve established a rigorous food safety management system, including HACCP protocols, to ensure product safety and quality throughout the entire process, from raw material sourcing to the final finished goods, adhering to the farm-to-fork concept.


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